We are now offering YOGA CLASSES

About the Instructor:

Bonnie Stewart, certified yoga instructor, has been in love with the movement and strength of the human body since she was a young girl. Her youth was spent in ballet and dance training, which combined her passion for movement with her fervor for music. This love accompanied her into adulthood, as she now choreographs and teaches dance locally. She expanded her love for dance into other forms of movement. becoming smitten with yoga as a means of self-expression, as well as a journey to physical, emotional and spiritual healing. In addition, she delights in the outdoors, mountain biking, hiking, running, backpacking and adventuring. Bonnie has been blessed with seven beautiful children, her greatest love of all.

Classes are $10.00 a piece and being held at the Fillmore Physical Therapy Location.

Click on the button below to download the form and fill it out prior to coming to class.