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Super fun group of people! Excellent service and very helpful with helping me get to where I needed to be physically. Great atmosphere and friendly staff.

Mykaleen Hathaway

I am Maria Martinez, I was very well treated. I liked all of them. I was healed from my leg pain. They are really good. Thank you very much!

Maria Martinez

Friendly staff- Worked well with me and managed my pain well.

Marki Rowley

My name is Natalie Hem, I am 31 and was recently in a car accident causing injury to my neck. I began physical therapy they were so kind and accommodating. They made sure to be gentle but firm in my exercises to help improve my neck. They patiently worked with me for weeks and I finally started to see improvement. They are great to work with, I recommend anyone who is in need of PT to come here.
My therapists were Heather, Scott, and Dustin.
Heather is the kindest person she conversated with me and made me feel right at home. I loved her soft tissue massages they were the best!
Scott was always trying to make everything easy and accommodating to me. He listed to my concerns and jumped right in to find ways to improve me.
Dustin was so funny and genuinely cared about me.
Great Staff! Thank You!

Natalie Hem

As a retired school teacher, I finally had the time to go places and have new adventures during coolers times. But my body had other ideas and so began a 6 year-round of osteoarthritis in my joints. In the past 6 years I have had 5 replacements in knees, shoulders, and hip. It was recommended after the first replacement to contact and start physical therapy here in Fillmore. I have become an outspoken advocate for physical therapy as I have gone through the healing process of each replacement. It hurts during the process of pulling and stretching those muscles and tendons but the end result is worth all the pain. If it doesn’t hurt you aren’t pushing hard enough. But you heal better and faster.
One advantage of doing you PT here is the use of various machines. You can stretch and pull at home but getting the resistance with the machine pushes you harder and further.
I have worked with all of the therapists here in Fillmore and I have found them to be very professional and very friendly. They have an individual plan designed to fit you and your therapeutic needs.

Loretta Whicker

Always there when needed.

Ace Jones

Thank you guys for helping me with my ankle. You guys were awesome. This has helped me so much. It was really helpful. All three of you guys were great to me. Thanks again for all you guys did to help me.

Hailey Flynn

I am Maria Chavez and I had a work accident. I am a picker at the mushroom plant in Fillmore, Utah. I came to Fillmore Physical Therapy because my accident at work. I received therapy, I was well treated, the staff were kind. With the therapists guidance and support I was able to come back to work and do my stuff at home.
I would recommend to any other person to come to receive therapy, because the therapists are very kind and also all the staff. Everybody tries to help for the recovery. Dr. Allen: He was always concerned about my progress. Dr Dustin and Heather: They were always so concerned about how I was progressing to return to work as soon as possible.

Maria Chavez

I had plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Dr, Allen, Dustin, Heather, Kati, and Jamie worked on me. They are all great therapists (even though it hurt!) The were very pleasant and they held me a lot! I highly recommend this facility.

Marcia Rogers

I worked with Dr. Allen, Kati, and Dustin. I would tell my friends and family that they couldn’t choose a better place to get to feeling better, caring people as well as professional staff.

Courtney Stephenson

Everything was good! 100% for everything.

Carl Peterson

They did a wonderful job. They are nice. They always have a big smile. They are so kind.

Angela Mancar

I have been having a problem with my left shoulder… the help was great, they helped me to destress. I would totally recommend someone to come

Connie Hansen, Millard County Recorder

They have all been wonderful in working with me to get my right knee back to normal after having a knee replacement done. Thank you all for your help. It has been GREAT!!!

Marlene Garcias

I would and have recommended your services. Scott, Kati, and Heather all provided care for me. I appreciated them for their help and professionalism. All personnel are cheerful and have a great sense of humor.

John Iverson

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