Maintenance Therapy

Maintenance Therapy, when authorized by traditional Medicare, helps patients to keep the gains achieved as a result of their recent physical therapy sessions, (e.g. increased strength, improved mobility/balance and flexibility). The overall goal is to avoid a decline in health and ability.

How You Benefit From a Maintenance Therapy Program

Maintain your current level of mobility, functionality, flexibility, strength, and balance with a carefully designed set of guided and independent exercises.

Learn from a physical therapist and PT assistant how to perform your personalized, independent exercises safely for maximum results.

Reduces fatigue and physical deterioration.

What You Need To Know

While Medicare Advantage and some private insurance plans offer similar programs, all copays and visit limits apply, making these programs shorter in length, yet more expensive.

What You Should Do Next…

Current patients – On your next visit, stop at the front desk (or ask your therapist), to find out if you qualify for our Maintenance Therapy program. It’s an opportunity for you to make use of a powerful resource to help maintain the progress you’ve made in physical therapy. You need to keep up with your exercises to enjoy an active and pain-free lifestyle.

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