Millard Care and Rehab Center: Did You Know?

Many of us, who live locally, know that we have a Care Center for those that need additional assistance. But what do you know about Millard Care and Rehabilitation Care Center? -Did you know that we have great staff members? -Did you

I think my athlete has shin splints! What do I do?!!

Well, it is officially spring in the Quackenbush household! Baseball, Little League, traveling teams, and soccer have all started! The way I know this is because my boys have shin splints! Now you would think that as a Doctor of Physical Therapy,


There are a lot of misconceptions out there about stretching. You see it all the time. You arrive at an event and people start cold, stretch quickly by trying to touch their toes a few times, hold it for three seconds and

How LiteCure Laser Therapy Quickly Relieves Pain

Patients experience pain relief in 15 minutes or less Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has arrived! It is consistently being used by Physical Therapists and Sports Medicine clinics throughout the country because of its ability to address a wide variety of symptoms and