Bumps and Bruises

Too often athletic injuries are undertreated, overtreated, or even left untreated causing frustration, medical burnout, and long term nagging injuries. Our Bumps and Bruises program is designed to eliminate the guessing and keep you in the game or get you to where you need to be without all of the run around!

How does it work?

  • Your coach will call the clinic to schedule a Bumps and Bruise visit for you.
  • Your parent or guardian will need to sign a consent form allowing us to evaluate and treat your injury. Click HERE to download the consent form.
  • Following your assessment we will let your coach know if you are safe to continue, if you need to limit participation, or if you need further treatment for the injury. As a parent, if you do not want us communicating with your child’s coach, make sure to let us know!
  • If your injury is more severe, we will discuss with your parents whether or not you need to be referred to another provider such as a physician, orthopedist, or even formal physical therapy.

What types of injuries can be treated?

The Bumps and Bruises program is designed to treat minor injuries, for example:

>> Minor Sprains and Strains >> Contusions (deep bruises)
>> Swelling and Edema >> Minor movement issues
>> Sudden muscle pain >> Various other injuries

How much does it cost?

The cost for the bumps and bruise clinic is $10/visit. If we have not seen the progress needed for a full return to play within 2 visits, we will discuss further treatment and care options.