The Body’s Balance Systems

We all want to be able to walk and move around without falling, or the fear of falling. The balance system in our body helps to keep us upright and oriented with activity, or even with standing in one place. There are

What Does a Number Mean?

Recently I had a recreational runner come to see me about knee and hip pain that was keeping her from running. We will call her Susan. She had driven 2 hours to my office and was obviously very concerned. Susan had been

Pitch Smart Guidelines – Risk Factors to Consider

My last blog post touched on the Pitch Smart Guidelines for Pitch Counts depending on the age of your pitcher. The following are Risk Factors to consider when your youth pitcher is throwing and engaging in pitching activities. Pitching While Fatigued “Watch

What is Occupational Therapy?

Outpatient treatment has always been physical therapy’s domain. However, in recent years, occupational therapy has slowly incorporated itself as a vital asset to every outpatient physical therapy office. While physical therapy focuses on correcting muscle imbalances and eliminating compensatory movement strategies to

How Many PT Visits Are You Allowed?

Knowing the ins and outs of your insurance is your right and responsibility. There are lots of ways to find out and educate yourself. There are booklets that should be available and even online versions of those booklets. On your insurance card